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The Association for Differently Abled People Together

About Us
Our motto is - Taking the “Dis” out of disability.

We are incorporated as a NOT FOR PROFIT Charity with the Province of Ontario (622000), Registered Charity with Revenue Canada (#0900522/11), Registered with the Lotteries Commission of Ontario (# AFC 1898), Registered as a Category One (Provincial) Charity with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

We presently have the endorsement of the Region of York, the councils of Newmarket, Aurora, East Gwilliambury, Georgina, Toronto, Vaughan, York, Markham and Scarborough.

We also have the endorsement of the following, C.H.A.T.S., York Support Network, Community Services of York Region, The Aphasia Centre, York Region District Health Council, York Region Catholic Schools, Newmarket and District Association for Community Living, York County and Central Hospital as well as many other Doctor, Dentists and other Schools and groups.

We have been appointed as a supplier of Transportation for Veterans who quality by Veterans Affairs Canada. We are also a supplier of Transportation with the Province of Ontario.

We transport their clients, residents and/or students to and from Medical, dental and social appointments as well as work assignments, in most cases we invoice the agencies directly each month.

Our organization
is made up of volunteers dedicated to the attainment of our mandate, which is, to Improve the Quality of Life for the Differently Abled People of Ontario by:

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    Social Activities

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Our transportation system is the most used of all our endeavours and this is where we feel most people can benefit from our efforts.

We operate specially equipped vans on a 24-hour, seven days a week basis. Our fee schedule is quite competitive, but we consider our service to be far above average. The caregiver always travels for free.

We can accommodate up to 3 wheelchairs and 3 walk-ons. We can take scooters, electric wheelchairs and Jerry chairs. Please note, all wheelchair clients must be accompanied by a caregiver.

Our Objectives:

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    Objective #1

    To determine the needs and concerns of the Differently Abled People relative to educational, social, recreational and daily living requirements and to promote relief from such needs and concerns.

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    Objective #2

    To enlist the co-operation and active assistance of other organizations and individuals to carry out our mandate.

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    Objective #3

    To promote within the community an awareness of the needs and concerns of the Differently Abled People within the community.

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    Objective #4

    To actively promote the integration of the Differently Abled People with the community.

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Please contact us to obtain more information or to arrange transportation.

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